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About K&G Machine Co.
K&G Machine Co. is a premier production and specialty CNC machining company supporting the needs of customers operating in today's global economy. Since 1953 from our Euclid, Ohio 24,000 square foot manufacturing facility, K&G has maintained a commitment through skill/training, quality planning and constant performance improvements to provide it's customers with the finest quality products and service possible.

We have earned the proud reputation of providing quality parts to the railroad industry. By stocking a wide variety of shafts, slingers, seals and other components for G.E. and E.M.D. traction motors., we've become a major supplier to this demanding industry. These parts meet or even exceed the original manufacturer's tolerances. For example, critical diameters on D-77 traction motor shafts are precision ground to a tolerance of .0001 inches. Our large inventory of raw materials and high-speed CNC machining and CNC grinding equipment means we are able to offer traction motor parts at a lower cost to you. In many cases, your order is filled and shipped the same day we receive it, minimizing your down time.